Thursday, November 27, 2014

Working Out Stuff on the Fly (NaNoWriMo November 26th)

I love passing 50,000 words, but still have far to go. One benefit of being over that line, and thus having met a deadline, is that I now have some leisure to stop and fill in some gaps that I passed over in the process of making 50K words.

I have a really clear conception of four potential deaths related to the cold weather or lack of resources as the town of Indigo gets snowed in. One of these victims under threat is Mayor Ran, who is in his nineties. He's trying to deal with a catastrophic blizzard, and also handle a complaint from the evil woman who is the embodiment of the fateful weather and disappearing children problems that beset Indigo.

The only problem is, I still don't have a handle on what her complaint is. Obviously, it's evil in intent, but she's a sly and clever thing. It has to suit a centuries-old entity with a lot of experience in causing harm to the people who have the misfortune to settle in her area of influence.

The complaint or her subsequent actions have to put enough stress on the old mayor to give him problems: a heart attack, perhaps, or a stroke. That. coupled with the fact that the town is effectively cut off from the local hospital and other emergency services, may be enough to create the crisis I want.

So I'll throw this out to the universe (at the same time as I give marching orders to the genie in the back of my head: come up with a suitable complaint for Moira!) Maybe someone will have a clue.

Right now I don't. But I have to keep writing anyway, and behave as if I do.

Total:  words.