Friday, November 14, 2014

Meet You Halfway There! (NaNoWriMo November 14th)

I am determined to make the half-way mark today and earn the 25,000 word badge. In service of this goal, I rose an hour early this morning and took my Chromebook to the blood service with me. Determined, and full of early-to-rise virtue, I would be able to write hundreds or thousands of words as I waited while my spouse donated platelets.

No, I forgot. I used the battery charge yesterday while I wrote in a strange town, in a "foreign" place that, unlike Chick-fil-A, does not have power points or WiFi for its customers. (Whoever heard of a coffee shop without support for laptops? Perhaps the fact this was a tea shop accounts for it.) Working offline away from distractions, I actually got a lot done yesterday, but now it was going to bite me.

Instead, I used the time to draw a paper map of Indigo and its environs. I have thought it was clear in my mind what was where. It wasn't until last night as I compared the two earlier novels and the first part of this one that I realized the 2013 novel had rotated the town 90 degrees, and moved the Stillman ranch to the other side of town

The map will help me to avoid this problem for the future, so it wasn't a dead loss. But it wasn't getting any more words added to my count. At last, disconnected from the apheresis machine, my spouse was ready to head off with me to breakfast and a power outlet at Chick-fil-A.

Fueled by a free chicken burrito and my cold Diet Coke for caffeine, my Chromebook plugged in and charging, I prop the "Novelist At Work" door-hanger up on the flower-vase at my table, pull out my new-drawn map of Indigo and begin typing.

Next stop, 25K!

Total: 25,062 words