Saturday, November 29, 2014

Mapping Indigo and Its Environs (NaNoWriMo November 29th)

I used some down-time away from the computer today to choose a set of street-names for Indigo. Up to now, I've been skating—using one of three or four street names, two of which are "Main" and "Highway". Cheating, in other words.

I had done a similar mapping, creating an image of the grid-layout of Indigo's streets, and an inset of a larger region around town, once before when I was unable to work on the computer. But I still hadn't assigned any more names for streets.

The task this morning served to occupy my fore-brain, freeing my writing genie to figure out a couple of other issues that had been tied up for me. I've blogged about one, for example, the complaint made by a certain evil entity. Another was how to bring the locals in town to realize that Sheriff Art Whiddick is no longer at the county seat, but has essentially retired to Indigo.

Suddenly, the gates opened, and a flood of writing ensued. I guess the moral is, whatever works, works, even if it is to stop writing for a (brief) while!

I've passed the halfway-point in the story now, and it's time to ratchet up the suspense, endanger some children and other main characters, and set things up for the evil one to fail. Because she has to fail. Art has to win, and survive, and redeem the lost ones.

Otherwise, it wouldn't be Indigo Redemption, would it?

Total: 59,677 words, validated.