Sunday, November 9, 2014

Recovering from Excess (#DoubleUpDay, #Halosprees and #NaNoTweets; NaNoWriMo November 9th)

I should have remembered from last year. Word sprints, write-ins and other encouragement devices were great for pumping up output, but would leave me feeling completely drained the next day. Pumping out all those words emptied the well.

Yesterday was fun, though. In addition to everything else, I heard back from two of my writing buddies who have been struggling to get started, and they both have made a start now. 

Great! I thought. Let's take advantage of the DoubleUp Donation to give them a boost of writing magic. Two halo-sprees later, all four of my buddies have halos, not just the two who already had them on November 1st. I smile to think of the two younger writers wearing "NaNoWriMo Wizard" starred wristbands to their high-school classes, and propping their "Do Not Disturb" doorknob hanger against a pile of books in the school library, and turn back to my novel-writing.

By dint of ignoring dinnertime, my spouse and all three cats, I managed to write enough on my novel to "touch the line" again on my graph. As my reward, I let myself watch most of My Cat From Hell, an Animal Planet offering I try not to miss each week, wash my hair, and climb into bed at a sedate 9:30PM.

Only to wake up in a cold sweat at 11PM and hurry back to my desk to check:  Would my buddies would get the doubled-up reward of writer's swag, or would it be shipped to me? Ah! yes, it turns out that because I had made a separate order for each, they should each be getting a surprise package from The Office of Letters and Light sometime soon. 

Whew! (Not that I couldn't use two more wristbands. Uh-huh.)

Aside from that nasty "you screwed up!" panic at the end, it had been a really good, really satisfying day.

Alas! Today being another day, my average is back down again - zero words written (so far) today really pulls down the stats.

Drained or not, I'd better get back to the pumps. There must be something left in the well...

Total: 15,249 words