Monday, January 29, 2018

Standing Firm with a PatriotCane

Basic Black (Gun-metal)

Review: PatriotCane: Stability and Self-Defence

The first time I saw the PatriotCane, I wanted one. I would buy one for its gun-barrel styling, and check it out. The concept was straight-forward: if you walk with a cane, you signal vulnerability to muggers. You may make yourself a target just by using this aide to balance.

The folks at PatriotCane had a better idea. They took a good, solid cane design with a pistol-grip handle, and added a strategically-placed weight system. This cane is loaded! 

The addition of the weight gives the cane a heft I hadn't anticipated—especially since, just before I actually received my cane, I managed to tear something in my left foot. 

In one day, I went from a "style reviewer" to someone to needed a cane to get around.
It arrived in a hand-made, cane-shaped box.

The weight at its base makes this cane swing naturally, compared to a standard walking cane. It is easy to see why that factor alone would increase confidence in its users. Knowing that the cane can double as a self-defense tool adds an additional layer of, well, swagger to walking with it.

The weighted end and pistol-grip handle provide another side-effect. Hang the cane from the edge of a counter, table, or other surface, and its low center of gravity swings the base below its hang-point. This angle catches the finger-dimples in the rubber grip, preventing the cane from sliding to the floor.

The cane comes in a wide variety of custom colors, patterns, and options, including flags, and military mottos. I'm even informed the wife of the company owner will add spangles to a cane for the user who prefers sparkle to swagger.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ PatriotCane

5 Stars: Style, substance, swagger, and sweet self-defense action!