Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving in Indigo (NaNoWriMo November 27th)

Although they don't know it yet, the citizens of Indigo and their sheriff Art Whiddick will have much to be thankful for when November comes to the town. I have decided that this will be the last book in the series, and therefore I am setting it up to lay to rest the ancient evil that underlies Indigo.

So many children have disappeared from its streets since Indigo was settled. Although the townspeople are unaware, these troubles did not start with the town's founding. Before there was an Indigo, before the first ranch house was built, children had already been disappearing for centuries. 

I have given Indigo a gift, a new treat for the sad Halloween trick that has been played on them over the years. In Indigo Redemption, the town will have a rebirth, free of the evil that has stalked its streets every year at this time. 

There will be healing, there will be recovery of what was lost, or its release. The entity that has reaped so much sorry from the town will be defeated at last.


I have lived for many years in Indigo. I have come to know and love its citizens, native-born and newcomer alike. I may not be able to let them rest. But I will certainly give them a Thanksgiving to remember this year.

Total: 52,862 words.

My love: I am so thankful you are in my life. I wake in gratitude each day for your amazing mind, your loving heart, and your wonderful body. "Wherever I am with you, that's my home."