Monday, June 12, 2017

Managing Chaos

Review: Hired Powers by Sandi Hutcheson

The ideal beach-read falls into one of two categories; it is either a serious novel you've been promising yourself to read since high school, or a frothy comedic romance with no pretention of higher purpose.

Hired Powers is decidedly the latter, as evidenced by the opening scene. Jobless Jessica Powers encounters an otherwise-naked young woman in a trench coat and high heels. Soon Jessica has been hired to keep her out of sight, under the radar of an investigation into the motel death of a Superman-clad campaigning politician who died leaping into bed with a handcuffed "Lois Lane."

Is this woman, whose real name is Shelby, actually a hooker? Her carefully landscaped pubes do resemble an American flag, and she had been in the motel room with Georgia state senator Peter Payne. Plus, the money to hire Jessica to protect Shelby from the press—and having charges pressed—comes anonymously from an account in the Cayman Islands.

On the other hand, Shelby may be what she claims, an innocent who was duped into wearing those handcuffs. Either way, Jessica's job is to keep her on the down-low until after the election, and she'll be well-paid thanks to the intervention of Sammy Lawhead, Shelby's attorney. (That Sammy was also Jessica's boy-next-door high-school sweetheart and missed romantical opportunity supplies the other essential element of any romance novel.)

The squirrelly, twisted path they all take to accomplish their various goals is a perfect accompaniment to sitting in hot sand or a hot tub somewhere, whiling away vacation hours with nothing to do but enjoy the ride. 

It's a sweet trip!