Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Cool Solution to Skimmer Shoes

Review: Stomper Joe No-Show Socks

There really isn't a way to enjoy the free look and feel of a skimmer (deck shoe) when it is worn on a sweaty bare foot in the summer's heat. Yet anything more dorky and gauche than a skimmer worn with ankle socks is hard to imagine.

I've tried anklets in my deck shoes, but it doesn't take too many steps before the heels slip down to wad up under my arches, not comfortable or cool!

Then I saw these socks on Amazon, and decided to try them. They're called "No-Show" socks, but the innovative heel design makes "No-Slip Heel" a more apropos name. A slightly tacky gel cup is fused to the inside back of the heel, to hold the sock snugly in place.

Styling summer shoes instead of showing socks.
I bought a package of three pairs in gray to try them, and they worked so well I immediately went back to buy more. Khaki green, navy, tan, and white would all look the same hidden inside my skimmers as the original gray socks, so perhaps the color list helps promote the initial decision to buy. The wide choice of colors did let me pick out some for my spouse as well, with no worries that differently-sized socks would get mixed up in the wash. 

Speaking of laundry, my socks fit "as expected" right out of the package, but once washed, they were perfectly snugged to my feet. I've now sent the initial gray socks through several washes without any diminishment of the non-skid heel-cup action. In fact, if I didn't need to wear traditional socks with my dress shoes for speaking events, I'd toss all my black ankle socks in favor of a drawer full of Stomper Joes!

On my wish list for the future Stomper Joe product line: Zori-thong socks with the same non-slid heel cup. Then my feet would be covered for all my preferred summer foot-gear!