Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Lightweight and Delicious

Brief Review: Time Burrito by Aaron Frale

One of the best things about being a Kindle Scout is the frequent introduction to second-tier (even third-tier) possibilities that turn into first-rate reads.

Like Time Burrito, for example. Let's face it, I probably wouldn't pick this book out of a list as something I might enjoy reading. The cover's intriguing; the title is weirdly promising. Based on that, I might have snagged the book out of a yard-sale jumble, or spent a buck, buck-fifty max, on a library-offsale paperback.

Selecting the ebook from an online list? Likely not.

Fortunately, I got a peek inside, and read just enough of the story to get hooked. I was caught by the concept, a time-traveling loser with a simple, if circumscribed, ambition:  make better burritos. At the beginning, Pete's business is a food truck that provides local students with horrible but cheap burritos. If I could just discover the secret burrito recipe, he thinks, I would be able to make the best burritos in town.

A chance tumble through time, though, will reveal that it's not the recipe he needs, but better ingredients. The rest of this romp is the story of how Pete's peregrinations through time help him overcome his rival for the title of Best Burrito Chef, build a food empire on his secret burrito spice, and find true love. All by making a burrito that is lightweight and delicious.

Just like this novel.

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