Friday, November 6, 2015

Writing Without a Net

Yesterday, at Day 5 and just over a quarter of the way to 50K words, everything was flowing smoothly. This morning, with WiFi down both here at home and at Chick-fil-A, I find out how much harderand easierit is to write without a Net.

The photo shows my writing mascot, a 3D-printed gargoyle, who wasn't doing his job today at Chick-fil-A. I usually have a fall-back there to Xfinity when the CFA WiFi is down. Not today, there was zero connectivity in the restaurant. 

The real boot to the head was getting home after breakfast followed by several hours of running errands (AKA: not writing), and finding the cable truck parked outside the house. When they had finished resolving a "signal leak," I discovered the broken connection. It should be easier to write without distractions (Google+ and Twitter), except for the fact that it is difficult to focus, let alone type, with one hand holding a phone to my ear. 

Yes, I'm doing the tech-support search thing. I've been on the phone today a grand total of 55 waiting minutes and nearly two hours worth of conversations with three different phone-support people. A trip to the brick-and-mortar store was also required to get a replacement modem, and then there was a follow-up support call that left me with the choice of either cable TV or cable Internet connection.

Well, duh! That's a no-brainer choice. Especially since the alternative is waiting until next Tuesday for the scheduled service call.

Meanwhile kudos to Stevie at the Comcast Xfinity shop, and Valerie and Joanna in phone support. (And the less said about the earlier support call, the better, now that I finally managed to get my blood pressure back down out of the rafters.)

Finally, here it is nearly 7 pm, and the only writing I've accomplished all day was the few hundred words written before breakfast. At least I'm still above the line, even if I didn't make my goal yet due to the outage. I believe I will do the start-at-midnight trick I did for November 1st, so I have a chance to double-up my output tomorrow.

Night, all!

Word Count: 371 Day 6 and 12898 Total