Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Background Music, Please

Most of us nowadays subscribe to the "she shall have music wherever she goes" philosophy. We carry our music libraries with us on smart phones, move through clouds of Muzak in stores and restaurants, and rarely have a moment of silence to write in.

This can be a good thing. I've found that almost any non-verbal music is a good background to writing. Instrumental music lubricates the verbal process without derailing it. For me, classical music or quiet jazz is preferable to show tunes and pop songs, because even when there are no words, some part of my brain tries to supply them.

That conflict can dry up the flow of words through my fingers to the keyboard.

The right background music can be a valuable tool to keep you focused, and stave off writer's block. I chose my writing venues now as much for their choice of Muzak as for caffeine and comfortable seating. At home, I turn on one of the cable music channels that feature instrumental music and let it play. 

Side benefits: my spouse likes the same quiet music to read by, so we share the companionable music-filled space. And it fills up the distracting chatter of "Check Google+... Check Twitter!" urges in the back of my brain.

Word Count: 2088 Day 3 and 8004 Total