Sunday, November 1, 2015

The Virtues of Caffeine

I don’t care if it’s three a.m. I will not fall asleep! No! Never! Not even if—*snore*” —Brandon Scott, Coolerbs Reviews

I never learned to drink coffee. I maintain it is an acquired taste, one which I simply never acquired. Caffeine, on the other hand, needs no acquisition. Our brains are preprogrammed to adore it.

Think of the effects. They match those of excitement, love, assertive confidence, joy.

We partake—in coffee, tea, cola, chocolate, or stim-tabs—and our brains light up with all the colors of creativity and enlightenment. Suddenly we see connections we missed in the torpor of our decaffeinated existence.

Words flow. We dance in them, knowing that next time the drought comes on, we can release the flow again with a simple dose of the writer's drug of choice.

Have a sip. Now write...

Word Count: 3348 Day 1 and Total