Saturday, December 13, 2014

Make Today Count! (12-13-14)

From +Cheryl Cooper on Google+.
We all love those "special" dates. Never mind that unless you configure your calendar date the same way I do, the significance is lost. "13-December-2014" is nothing special, after all.

But 12-13-14? That's a day that should count for something!


Wikipedia is running their annual request for funds. If you are one of the 12 people in the world who don't use Wikipedia, ignore the request. But if you do, consider popping a few bucks in their Christmas stocking.

Or think about sending some crowd-funding along the wire. Kickstarter has a wealth of artists and small businesses waiting for your input to get going or to expand; Tilt is a place to fund wanna-be contenders like the Jamaican Bobsled Team; Kiva Microfunds loans small amounts to needy people in developing countries at 0% interest.

Give Time or Goods Locally

This is the season for local food drives, coat drives, gift drives and other opportunities to help those around you in your own area.

So drop a dollar or a fiver in the red kettle, and make a Salvation Army bell-ringer happy. Pick up an extra can of pumpkin pie filling or a spare box of stuffing mix and leave it at the local food bank. Go by the St. Vincent dePaul house or the Mission downtown, and see if they need a hand. 

You can also check at your favorite restaurants and local shops. Often they will run a toy drive or coat donation for the holidays, with rewards that range from a small discount on goods purchased to (my favorite) a free Chick-fil-A chicken sandwich. You get to feel good and save at the same time!

Don't Forget Your Loved Ones

Christmas can be a hard time for the lonely. And no one is more lonely than someone from a large family, whose siblings live scattered across the country. Or whose children grew up and went off to live their own lives elsewhere. This is a good time to forgive old hurts and get in touch with those estranged from your life.

And while you spread holiday cheer, think of the elderly in rest homes, whose children may or may not be near to celebrate with them. You can bring joy to them with an hour or so of your time spent listening to their stories of Christmas long ago.

Whatever You Do Today

Make it count! Then go and do the same tomorrow, even though the date tomorrow is not significant. What makes the day special is what you do with it.

Make it count!

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