Monday, December 1, 2014

Life After November (NaNoWriMo Postscript)

December 1st, even though the novel is not finished yet, is time to come up for air. To write as often, though perhaps not as long each time.

To return from Indigo, and look around, and notice that real life has begun to pile up in the corners.

So the first December project will be a targeted house-cleaning project wrapped around less-extended bouts of writing. 

Once the first draft of Indigo Redemption is complete, it will go "in the drawer", as Stephen King suggests, to wait for a summer edit.

Writing in December, post-NaNovel, will focus on the book Staying Thirsty, begun in the October Project. This collaboration between my spouse and me will doubtless take me into January, if not longer.

The second December project is to get qualified to teach a driver safety class (as a volunteer). Actual teaching will begin in January, so that is a short-lived project, perhaps three days total.

The third December project is to finish the 3D Printing demonstration for middle-school STEM students. We connected with an accelerated charter middle school here, and will present for them as a Beta test. These advanced students will not only have the presentation, but the chance to provide feedback and suggest modifications before it is offered generally. This is the only open project goal from the September Project. It will feel good to complete it before the year ends.

With no new over-arching project in December, I can get back to the original raison d'ĂȘtre of this blog. There are far too many un-reviewed books in the READ collection on my Kindle, or piled on my desk. 

You'll be hearing from me!

Image is h/t to Irishman's Messy Desk at Skyrim Forums, a great RPG and fanfic forum. Not that DrPat has time for RPGs, no... The original (commercial) cartoon was pulled, but you can still view it at Cartoon Stock.

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