Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Meme Wrath Outgrabe

Memes are everywhere, those little nuggets of tasty information that propagate across the Internet like some benign virus. At first, I thought they were always snarky, twisted, or sarcastic, but then I began to notice a different kind of meme, just as popular (though not perhaps as often shared): a quote paired with a pleasant pictire.

I used to have a favorite quote that posted in my profile in the chat app the company used: "People speak of self-taught men as if there were some other kind." (Ben Franklin) I got bored with always seeing that one, though, and started building a list of similar thoughts that I would change up whenever the old one began to seem stale.

Then I retired, and was not communicating any longer via the company app. Instead, I was tweeting and posting to Google+, and had traded a static profile line for a stream of communications. I missed my little memes even before I had identified them as such.

Because of that, my filters were open to these graphic quotes, these memes, and I played with a few different online builders, as well as using graphic and presentation software to build them. I felt I had come home! I tried a few of the snarky, sarcastic memes, but they just weren't my style. Oh, the Cheezburger Online Meme Builder had plenty of choices to offer, but I still liked the "softer" presentation of the quote memes I'd seen.

So I've included a few of the more playful or thoughtful memes I've generated in the last little while. True, I've already shared them one at a time on Google+, but here they are wrapped in a single post.

My sincere apologies to Mr. Dodson (Lewis Carroll) for the outrageous rendering of the line from Jabberwocky in my title. I couldn't resist.