Tuesday, November 1, 2016

No Midnight NaNo Launch

2016 NaNovel: Patience of Snakes

Last night as I prepared for bed, I considered setting an alarm for 11:30 PM, to get up, ready myself to write, and be poised, fingers over keyboard, when 12:01 AM and NaNoWriMo arrived. In previous years, I have done that, then been unable to go to sleep for even the short hours between bedtime and nearly midnight. Novel churning in my seriously-deprived-of-sleep brain, I advanced into the NaNo fray.

This year I decided not to start at midnight, even if it does take me extra hours to fall asleep. I will keep my normal writing schedule, simply extending the hours as needed. And I will add Sundays, because November.

A midnight launch shouldn't be needed. Patience's protagonist, Carole Marling, is headed to a territory I've already visited in previous NaNovels. Her hometown, as yet unnamed, lies somewhere in the western prairies near Indigo, the site of three previous Pat Cummings novels begun in November. Her nemesis, though, is a new terror, different from the Fateful Weather of my Indigo novels.

And no, it is not snakes. 

Buddies Wanted

You can join me in writing a novel this November. Head over to the NaNoWriMo website, create your writer profile, and make a commitment to put however many words on paper. Because the truth is, you can write. The only question is, will you?

If you do join in, please go to the Buddy function and consider adding me as a writing buddy. My writing buddy philosophy is simple: if you write to me, I will reply. I will occasionally (maybe once a week) write to my whole buddy list. And I will send you encouraging words or congratulations based on your productivity.

That's all. My assumption is that buddies want to be writing their NaNovels, not messages.