Monday, May 2, 2016

Dining With the Devil

Review: The Editor and Del Webster by Vincent B. Moneymaker

Some things are inevitable. Death and taxes complete the usual list, but I submit another: when one sups with the Devil, a long spoon is required. Even then, some sort of short end on the deal that is finally dished up is to be expected.

Demon dinner-guests have sat down with attorneys and politicians, surgeons and money-lenders, and in one notable instance (Robert Sheckley's The Accountant), with a fellow in a green eye-shade. Moneymaker here offers a tale of a different supper with a red-eyed chap wearing a green eye-shade, this time in an editorial role.

At 9 pages, this is a short story with the cleverness and twist appropriate for dealing with a devil. Writers have their reasons to attribute demonic tendencies to editors, and I doubt Moneymaker is different. His tale might well be autobiographical.

The story is well written, and has a satisfying open end that Faust would approve. Several typos brought down the rating a bit, but the writing chops are there. I'll be looking for more from Mr. Moneymaker.

If he lives that long...

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