Monday, April 25, 2016

Beating My Own Drum in the Band

Well, I finished my April 2016 Camp NaNoWriMo project today, and validated it at 91,972 words. I will continue editing Meant To Be Here well into next month, with an eye to publishing sometime in the fall. I know the main author, Ken Cummings, will be happy to see this conclusion!

I have to call out my awesome cabin-mates, via the clip of the Cabin Mates panel from today. (Mind you, the insanely twitchy GIF avatar for @InsanelyWitchyMarauderette really needs to be seen in motion for full appreciation.)

Please note that I am not the only camper here to finish early; I'm not even the first! No, that would be @alias093001 with 50K words past her 125K-word goal, and @Sylvela from Germany with a short day's writing (for her) past her 100K-word finish line, not to mention @Azombieatemyshoelace, who has already started a second novel in her April NaNo sprint past her 100K-word goal.

When you are surrounded by productive people, it is easy to be carried along by the tide. Also, we see only the production, not the quality, and that helps to quiet our Persistent Inner Editors. See, I can too write 3000 words a day, maybe 5000. Ooh, maybe 7500! Shut up, PIE!

Even the silent cabin mates are inspirational, if only in a speculative way. I know I've been hoping that @lauramaria3 is one of those folks who does Camp NaNo because she's writing long-hand. I have visions of a hasty OCR upload on Day 30 to validate her goal. 

Camp NaNo progress report:
Word Count: Day 25 Total: 91,972 words