Monday, January 12, 2015

Don't Be Evil, Guys!

I accidentally started started watching a movie yesterday on cable. I say accidentally, because I knew nothing about the story line; I only started watching because I noticed Cameron Diaz was in it. The Other Woman has a classic theme: woman finds husband is cheating, woman gets revenge, and all his money, and success in his job, and...

Seen The First Wives Club? Then you've seen this theme before, but with three husbands. The Secret of My Success has a little of the same idea, too, with Michael J. Fox helping Christine Lahti to get back at cheating husband Richard Jordan. In The Other Woman, it is one sleazy husband with a wife, and (at least) two different lovers.

First one mistress, Carly, (Cameron Diaz) discovers her lover is married when she decides to surprise him at his "fixer-upper" house in Connecticut. Wife Kate (Leslie Mann) answers the door, and shouting ensues. But then Kate stalks Carly back to the city, and breaks down on her: "What am I supposed to do?" Drunken bonding follows, and Kate returns to Connecticut determined to hide her knowledge from the Sleazeball.

Eventually, the two women discover and connect with a third, bikini-licious babe (Kate Upton). Amber the Bikini-babe knows Sleazeball is married, but only knows what he has told her about his wife. More dishing on the Dirtbag, more drunken bonding, and a plan emerges. 

At its heart, this is a buddy comedy with a sisterly slant. The movie was directed by Nick Cassavetes, who also directed The Notebook, and it shares some of that femme-friendly vibe. (See, honey, I can imply "chick-flick" without actually saying it!)

An almost-unrecognizable Don Johnson plays Carly's father, and Taylor Finney plays Kate's hunky brother Phil. (Yeah, I said the same thing: WHO?!  iMDb gave me the skinny on Finney, he played Mason Lockwood in The Vampire Diaries. And some other roles in movies and on TV, but his TVD role really places him for the purpose of this movie.)

I refuse to spoil a single element of the awesome way the women wreak revenge, save to say that it is deliciously funny from start to finish. I will share that they become best friends, help each other survive the betrayal Sleazeball has dealt them, and win outrageously well in the end. 

All of which has a pertinent motto that husbands should take to heart: Don't be Evil! The woman you sleep with and share a bank account, a medicine cabinet, a kitchen and a closet with knows how to get you back where it hurts!