Monday, July 24, 2017

Prep(per) School

Brief Review: Collapse (The Ashwood Lies Book 1) by R.J. Infantino

Why would a high-end private school be stock-piling weapons and ammunition in the attics? Chase isn't sure, but knows something is wrong, and suspects his girl-friend's claims about her brother's death are more than just fantasy. If Maya's fears are real, graduating from Ashwood Prep may be less about getting into an Ivy League school, and more about surviving the Apocalypse. 

If disaster does strike, how will the elite students at Ashwood respond? As in real life: some will lead. Some will panic. And some will kill to preserve the status quo.

This is much more than a dystopian conspiracy set in end-times. Think Red Dawn, but one in which students defend themselves against an invader in loco parentis. Their professors, perhaps even their own parents, may be involved in this conspiracy, and much more than political survival is at stake.

I enjoyed the story, even with the cliff-hanger ending (and the promise of further titles in The Ashwood Lies series, based on the "Book 1" subtitle), but I will probably not be buying the next. This novel stretched my willingness to believe a bit far. Rather than explain (which would be a spoiler), I'll leave it at that: I liked the novel.

Note:  I received this novel free as a Kindle Scout selection.

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