Monday, September 12, 2016

Surfing the Ozone

Quick Review: Fluke (Or, I Know Why the Winged Whale Sings) by Christopher Moore

Christopher Moore has tapped into the weird and wonderful in every book, and this is no exception. From middle-aged "action nerd" Nate Quinn with his angst over and attraction to nubile research assistant Amy, the joyously strange blond Rasta stoner Kona (né Preston Applebaum), and marine photographer Clay and his "pirate booty" girlfriend Claire, Moore has woven another sleigh-ride through the land of odd. 

Nate is in Maui researching whale behavior, specifically, why humpback whales sing. (Hence the subtitle.)

[M]uch about the humpback song is still unknown. Although scientists do know it tends to be in the New Age music section, as well as in tropical waters. There is no reasonable explanation for this, but as of yet no tagged humpbacks have been tracked to the New Age section at Sam Goody's. Author's Notes

So what is Nate supposed to think when he spots a humpback male whose flukes sport the legend "Bite Me"? Someone is so threatened by his research that they trash his office, format his hard drives, sink Clay's boat and cause his only photo of the fluke graffiti to vanish. And why does the Old Broad who provides his funding insist he needs to take a pastrami sandwich with hot mustard along on his next dive?  Kona's profound reasoning channels Arthur C. Clarke:
The science you don't know looks like magic.

If you haven't run into Moore before, be warned! Nothing is sacred, everything is fair game for his humor. I guarantee you'll howl over the tale of why Nate's ex-wife became a lesbian. It's not what you expect; in fact, it's nothing you can expect. Just strap in for the ride.

Liner Note:

  • The last time I was taken over the edge so uncontrollably was when I read the turkey-bowling scene in Moore's Bloodsucking Fiends.