Monday, June 6, 2016

Power Sheets: Solar Paper

Review of Solar Paper by YOLK

I was intrigued by this product on Kickstarter, but reluctant to back it as it was first described. Instead, I began asking questions of the developers. (The first was: "Could it power my Kindle?") 

I was pleased with the answers, especially as it was not just yes/no, but a complete description of what level I would need to back in order to receive a product that would meet all my needs. ("Aha!" I thought, "this bodes well for future tech support questions!")

So I backed Solar Paper, and in due time, I received the product from my pledge: three "sheets" for solar generation that link together with magnets rather than frangible hinges. Folded up, the whole set is thinner than my Kindle, and about the same width. 

I was so excited when it arrived, despite the fact that three weeks of cloudy, rainy days followed it. The first sunny afternoon, I had it out to charge and quickly saw how easy it is to set it up, use it, and stow it away again. It charges our Kindles beautifully, keeping well ahead of discharge during use. It also charges my Incipio iGO power-block, so I have multiple ways to stay empowered! 

I expect it will become a permanent resident in my travel bag, ready to supply me with power directly on the sunny days, and via the iGO on cloudy ones.