Saturday, January 9, 2016

Growing Up At Last

Review: Meat Only On Mondays by Beryl Ensor-Smith

Raymond really loved his wife, a controlling older woman who managed every aspect of his days. He had settled into a rut of being cared for, with a generous lifestyle that allowed him to do as he pleased, and provided him with every need.

Upon his wife's death, however, the bottom drops out of his privileged world. The will leaves all his wife's wealth to a set of orphans. Raymond, already devastated by his loss, is left to figure out how to continue to live without the support-system his wife had provided.

From a protected spouse, clueless in the world of finance and inheritance law, he must become knowledgeable and thoughtful. From a solitary traveler, he must begin to welcome others on his journey.

I enjoyed seeing Raymond "grow up" all at once, taking on responsibility for himself, and then for others in need. His eventual solution for his situation is amusing and heart-warming together.

It made this book another of my fortunate "wins" from my Kindle Scout nominations. Even though it was not selected for publication in the Kindle Scout program, I was inspired to purchase it, and was amply rewarded for the decision to buy and read it.