Monday, September 7, 2015

Splashing In the Shallows

Review: The Familiar: A Paranormal Romantic Comedy by Jill Nojack

Some books are deep, engrossing, life-changing works that take your life to a place it could never have existed before you read them. Others are about as deep as a rain puddle.

So while I love to read the intense mind-warpers, I have to acknowledge that sometimes it is just sheer fun to splash through the shallows. That was me last night as I sat down to read The Familiar, a book I got for free because I nominated it on Kindle Scout. Three short hours later, I closed my Kindle, sated from playtime, and soaking wet to the knees.

I live with cats, so "Tom's" antics were recognizable. The man-turned-tomcat (plus sex slave) was playing it strictly for laughs, with no deeper issues (like cheating on your life partner, willingness to tolerate abuse, or even the dangers of letting pet kitties roam outside at will) to spoil the fun. I'm reaching even to think of problems Nojack might have introduced in her story, but did not.

Instead, the problems are a creepy peeping warlock, Tom's struggles to communicate with his new owner (a sweet young thing on the rebound from a broken relationship), and the girl's battle to clean up the magic supply business she inherited from her granny witch.

Don't look for anything except fun here! I will be watching for the next book in the Bad Tom series, ready by then for another gleeful dance through the puddles.